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With so many things to do, it can be hard to keep track of all the cleaning jobs. Sometimes you may feel lucky to even get to the large, obvious chores like cleaning the bathroom and wiping down the counters. That said, it’s important to remember all of the areas in your home in order to keep your home safe and healthy. Here are 10 things in your home that rarely get cleaned, but should.

#1. Trash Can

  • You don’t usually think of the trash can as something that needs to be kept clean, but it can (obviously) get pretty nasty. It’s important to clean because germs can collect on the garbage can and spread to other parts of your home after someone touches the garbage can to take out the trash.

#2. Cell Phone

  • Did you know that your cell phone, on average, has more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat? Yeah, gross. But it’s true. Studies have shown that 16% of cell phones have E. Coli bacteria on them too. And just think, you put that thing up to your face every day…

#3. Carpets

  • Most people know that it’s important to vacuum the carpet (which ideally should be done twice a week), but many don’t realize the importance of having the carpets professionally cleaned. People go years without having their carpets deep cleaned. This allows so much dirt, bacteria, dust, allergens, etc. to build up in the fibers of the carpet. Most experts recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months. If you have kids and/or pets, you should have them cleaned every 4-6 months.

#4. Shower Curtain

  • Have you ever noticed a grey substance appear in the folds of your shower curtain? That stuff is mold and mildew. Shower curtains can be cleaned quite easily by taking them down and tossing them into the washing machine every month or so.

#5. Air Vents

  • Air vents can collect a LOT of dust. If you don’t clean your air vents regularly, that dust will get blown around your home. So, if you don’t want to be breathing in dirt and dust it’s smart to clean out your air vents. They can be a bit tricky to clean, so consider calling a professional.

#6. Door Knobs

  • It’s important to clean door knobs because if they have germs on them, those germs will quickly spread to other parts of your home due to all those hands touching the door knobs. Bacteria can stay alive on metal surfaces for up to 8 hours, so add cleaning the door knobs to your regular list of cleaning tasks.

#7. Ice Tray

  • Really? The ice tray? You’d be surprised that some bacteria can even live at freezing temperatures. It’s a good idea to put your ice trays in the dishwasher once a month. If you have a silicone ice tray, soak it in vinegar and warm water.

#8. Vacuum Filter

  • This one might be more intuitive but many people only clear out the vacuum collector and don’t touch the filter. Many vacuum filters become so caked with dust from lack of cleaning that the dirt becomes quite difficult to remove. Once your filter gets like that, your vacuum loses a lot of its effectiveness.

#9. Microwave touchpad

  • All that grease and oil from your food finds its way to the microwave touchpad. This is a must-clean in every home.

#10. Tile

  • This often just takes a simple wipe down if you stay on top of it. The problem? Most people don’t clean their tile very often resulting in discoloration and grime that takes a lot of scrubbing and product. If the tile really needs a good shine, you should call Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion.

Now that you are aware of these 10 things in your home that rarely get cleaned, add them to this week’s list and get to work! For the best results, call the professionals at Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion. Our experienced staff will help get you the best results. We clean for your health like no one else!