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It’s that wonderful time of year when trick-or-treaters are just around the corner and pumpkin-flavored everything fills our kitchens. It’s a fun season that also brings a lot of spooky things—like creepy crawlers in your dirty couch.

Certain areas of the home are easier to remember to clean than others—like bathrooms, kitchen counters, and vacuuming. But for some reason upholstery and furniture gets pushed back into the cobwebs of our minds.

Many people don’t consider cleaning the couch or other upholstery until they appear to be noticeably dirty. But the problem with this is that the couch is often one of the most dangerous areas in our homes—especially when we clean them less than once a year on average.

Need some extra motivation to have your couch and other upholstery cleaned regularly? Check out some of the most common dangers lurking in your dirty couch.


Spooky Dangers Found In A Dirty Couch

These are just 5 things commonly found in a dirty couch that might make you squirm!


Viruses And Bacteria

It’s not difficult to see how germs spread so easily on our couch when considering how much time we spend there—especially if there are children or animals in the home.

Soft fibers on upholstery attract dirt like a sponge—then redeposit bacteria and viruses from person to person and throughout the home. That’s why couches and other upholstery should be professionally cleaned a minimum of twice a year to keep germs (and illnesses that can happen as a result) at bay.


Dust Mites And Allergens

Soft upholstery fibers are the perfect place for dust mites and allergens to call home. When dead mites, their feces, and the skin they shed are inhaled (which is actually quite common), allergies, asthma, and irritated airways can be triggered.

To keep allergens from building up on your couch, it should be professionally cleaned about every 6 months—or every 3-4 months if there are animals in the home.

The good news is, Chem-Dry can improve indoor air quality by removing 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria.


Hazardous Chemicals And Particles

What floats around in the air of your home will surely find its way to your couch fibers. This could be cleaning chemicals, dust, paint participles, and more. When these contaminants are in contact with our families and pets, this can cause serious problems.

Chem-Dry’s non-toxic, green certified cleaning solution not only removes these dangerous chemicals, but won’t further expose you or your furniture to more like some carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.


Grease And Oils

Oils and grease from our bodies instantly transfer to furniture the moment we sit down. These oily, sticky spots soak up dirt like a sponge, make stains more noticeable, and are magnets for dirt.

Unfortunately, oil and grease build-up is inevitable—because even natural body oils will transfer from our skin to our furniture. But the good news is, having your upholstery professionally cleaned regularly can help eliminate these oily dirt and germ-collecting zones.



Mold is always a risk when too much moisture is used to clean furniture, and even more likely if you live in a humid, warm place. Because upholstery fibers are soft, porous, and absorb any excess moisture, they’re an ideal growth zone for mold and mildew. Yikes.

Mold not only brings with it a whole slew of sanitation issues, but can also cause health problems like asthma and respiratory distress when inhaled. That’s why an upholstery cleaning method that uses less moisture is key for a healthy home.


Spook Contaminants Away From Your Couch For Good!

It might make your skin crawl to think about all the nasty things living in your couch—even when it appears to be clean. But don’t let dirty upholstery get you down! Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion can help.

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