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Winter flood damage from storms, frozen pipes, roof leaks, high water levels, and more happens in many homes throughout the United States.

This season of increased flood-risk can bring added stress and anxiety—but you don’t have to handle it alone. In fact, if you’re prepared to respond effectively in case of a flood, your home or business could be saved from catastrophic damage.


Follow These Steps In A Flooding Situation

While most water damage can be restored by certified professionals, it’s still important to know the following steps in order to minimize injury or damage if you find yourself caught in a winter flood.


#1 – Ensure the safety of everyone in your home or office.

The most important thing is to make sure everyone is out of harm’s way and don’t face any immediate, life-threatening dangers. Make sure each individual is accounted for and safely exits any affected structures.


#2 – Contact your local water damage emergency response specialist.

If not treated promptly, your home or office can be susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Call a water damage restoration provider as soon as possible so these areas can be treated within days of the incident. Professionals can determine the source of the flooding and treat your carpets, rugs, and floors before too much damage is done.


#3 – Dry out wet carpet and padding.

If possible, pull back any wet flooring before the water damage restoration team arrives. This can help limit the growth of mold or mildew that can destroy your flooring.


#4 – Document any damage for insurance purposes.

The water damage response team at Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion will document damage throughout the restoration process in your home. However, it’s still wise to take photos of your possessions and any damage to make sure you’re covered when submitting a claim to your insurance company.


#5 – Call your insurance provider.

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible to process your water damage claim. They will ask for documentation of the incident, and will also be able to give you more information on when you can expect reimbursement.

Water Damage Restoration In Lake Orion, Michigan


A flood can be a traumatic time for your family or employees. That’s why Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion is here to help with water damage restoration throughout the Troy, Rochester, Lake Orion, and Oakland, Michigan areas.


We’re here when you need us, and can help get you back on your feet in no-time.

Contact Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion in case of a flood in your home or business.