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At the beginning of the summer season, now is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and also take advantage of solutions like upholstery and carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan

The transitional period between seasons is a great reminder to implement deep cleaning tasks—and Chem-Dry can help. 

Chem-Dry Healthy Cleaning Solutions 

The amount of dirt, germs, and allergens present in the average home may surprise you. In fact, even surfaces that appear clean to the naked eye could be exposing you to some serious contaminants. 

It’s especially important to refresh your home after the cold winter season to thoroughly treat and remove allergens, bacteria, and viruses from surfaces as well as those that are airborne. It’s about so much more than making your home look its best. Deep cleaning helps ensure your home is a safe, healthy place to be. 

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of professional deep cleaning. Whether you’re a little late for your spring cleaning to-do’s or you’d like to freshen up your home for the summer season, Chem-Dry has you covered. 

Here are some of the home cleaning services we proudly offer throughout Troy, Michigan: 



Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Troy, Michigan are the most popular go-to’s for seasonal deep cleaning. However, Chem-Dry offers so much more for every need and budget. 

Our services are proven to eliminate virtually all allergens and bacteria from treated surfaces. You can also trust Chem-Dry to only offer non-toxic, green certified solutions and methods. 

Our proprietary cleaner, The Natural®, contains only natural ingredients found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe list. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning also uses only one fifth the amount of moisture compared to traditional steam cleaning methods.

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning In Troy, Michigan 

Trust Chem-Dry with all of your seasonal deep cleaning needs. We’re proud to serve you with methods that are more effective and safe for your Troy, Michigan home. 


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