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In today’s world, most of us enjoy taking on a challenging do-it-yourself project. A quick Google search or YouTube video can provide answers to many of our questions, and even save us money in the long run. 

But there’s also an important fact to remember—some DIY projects can actually cause more problems than solutions, like pet urine and odor removal

Negative Consequences Of Only Removing Pet Stains Yourself 

When it comes to treating pet stains and odors, it’s crucial to use correct methods and cleaning solutions. Failing to do so can actually make the problem significantly worse. 

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods may do a good job at removing surface stains for a time, but won’t eliminate the source of the odor. This means that stains can actually come back worse than they were before. 

Here’s why: when pet urine dries, it leaves behind highly acidic, concentrated, odor-filled crystals deep in your carpet fibers, padding, and sometimes even the hard flooring beneath. Because these crystals remain trapped, they’ll continue releasing odors in your home and possibly wick recurring stains back to the surface of your carpet. 

Many do-it yourselfers also use cleaning solutions that aren’t safe for pets. It’s important to look for non-toxic formulas. 

Another common mistake is using too much moisture in the carpet cleaning process. This creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, can harm the environment, and even leaves behind soapy, sticky residue that attracts more stains in the future.

Benefits Of Professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment

The good news is, these issues can be avoided with help from Chem-Dry. We specialize in a green-certified pet urine removal treatment that is safe for your pets and the environment. 

Here’s a brief rundown of how it works: we start by pulling back the affected carpet and replace any damaged padding if necessary. We’ll also apply an odor blocking shellac if the hard flooring beneath is damaged, too. 

What makes the most significant difference is what comes next. We add our proprietary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) to the entire affected area. This unique solution chemically breaks down even the strongest odor crystals. Once the solution sets in after 24-36 hours, we’ll finish by cleaning your carpets using our Hot Carbonation Extraction method that uses millions of tiny carbonated bubbles to lift dirt and stains to the surface. 

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