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5 Natural Cleaning Products for Your Home

Apr 8, 2016 | Green Cleaning

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Because of the health risks involved with chemical cleaning solutions, many people are making the switch to organic, green cleaning products. You don’t want to bring harmful chemicals like ammonium or triclosan, which have been linked to the development of asthma and other health issues, into your home and around your family.

You don’t have to use strong chemical solutions to have the clean home you desire! It’s possible to have a fresh smelling, germ-free home without using harmful cleaners that irritate the skin and put off dangerous fumes.

The only trouble is that green cleaning products are usually much more expensive compared to commercial chemical solutions. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice health and safety in order to save money. That’s why we’ve provided these tips for how you can make your own eco-friendly cleaning products at home!


The Power of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning solutions are powerful as well as gentle and won’t release toxic fumes into the air your breathe. You may have several of these natural cleaning products in your home already. So roll up your sleeves, check under your sink or in your pantry, and get cleaning with these 5 effective products!


vinegar home cleaning oakland MI1. Vinegar

White vinegar is a powerful cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom. Because of it’s clean and acidic composition, vinegar acts as a powerful cleaning agent and can even dissolve tough grease. A study conducted in Japan found that the effect of vinegar is enhanced when its temperature is increased, so you may try warming up the vinegar before cleaning with it.

2. Lemon Juice

You may have noticed that many commercial cleaning products have a lemon scent. That’s because lemon juice is known to clean mold, cut through grease, and leave a streak-free shine. We also suggest combining lemon juice with vinegar or olive oil to create an even more powerful solution.

3. Salt

Salt can be used as a natural cleaner and gentle abrasive. Use salt to clear clogged drains and clean kitchen utensils. Salt can also cut through grease when combined with baking soda. Mix salt with cool water to scrub discolored cutting boards and remove stains from dishes.

cream of tartar cleaning solution oakland MI4. Cream of Tartar

During the fermenting process of wine, a powder by-product develops from the tartaric acid. That is cream of tartar! It can be used for a wide variety of household cleaning projects, like removing rust stains, cleaning bathroom tile, polished scratched dishes, and cleaning gunk off of your appliances.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a versitile cleaning solution that outperforms toxic commercial cleaners. It acts as a deodorizer and a powerful cleaning agent. Use baking soda on any surface in the kitchen or bathroom to remove stains and grime. You’ll see for yourself the scrubbing power baking soda has!


Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion is just as committed as you are to promoting a healthy home and environment! In fact, our natural cleaning solutions have proven to remove a significant amount of allergens and airborne dust from your home. See the results for yourself!

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