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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Before Moving Into a New Home

Aug 4, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

benefits of professional carpet cleaning before moving into a new home

Deep cleaning your new space before moving in is a no-brainer! Even homes that look clean may have dirt and grime hiding in unexpected places. But is professional carpet cleaning in Ortonville, Michigan necessary? 

The simple answer is yes, and for several significant reasons. Let’s take a look at a few important considerations when it comes to having your carpets cleaned before moving into your new home. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Move 

  • You really can’t be sure what the previous tenants did or didn’t do when it comes to deep cleaning. With professional carpet cleaning in Ortonville, Michigan, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home really is clean. 
  • Carpets can hold a surprising amount of debris, dirt, and odors—even if they appear clean at first glance. 
  • The average homeowner hasn’t had their carpets shampooed or professionally cleaned in the last year and a half. That’s a surprising statistic, and one that matters when it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of your new space. 
  • Carpet cleaning gets rid of hair, dirt, odors, allergens, and more that may have been left behind from the previous owners or tenants. 
  • Carpets may be home for lingering odors that will continue permeating the air of your new home unless removed by a professional. 
  • Clean carpets can give you a fresh start in your new home by making sure it looks it’s absolute best from the start!

Carpet Cleaning In Ortonville, Michigan 

Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion is here to help through the various transitions and moves you may face. We can take on your regularly scheduled carpet cleaning and also help in special circumstances, like in the case of a move.

We look forward to serving you at all of the times and seasons when you need us! 

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