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The Best Tile Cleaning Method For Every Material

Jul 29, 2020 | Tile Cleaning

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Before jumping to your standard tile cleaning routine, it’s essential to remember that each tile material requires different methods of care. But don’t worry—Chem-Dry can help with these pro tips for tile cleaning in Waterford, Michigan


Porcelain And Ceramic Tile 


To begin, vacuum or sweep away any debris from the floor. Also remember that you’ll want to avoid the use of corrosive chemical cleaners that contain acids, ammonia, or bleach as these can erode ceramic and porcelain tile. 


You really can’t go wrong with warm water and a mop on tile floors. If your floors are extra dirty and need something stronger, add a little detergent to your cleaning bucket. If using a concentrated cleaning solution, be sure to follow the instructions listed on the bottle. When you’re finished, remove any remaining residue by going over your floors one last time with warm water. 


If your tile floors look cloudy after using a cleaning detergent, remove the residue using a mop and non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner.


Polished Tile


Prepare your polished tile for cleaning by sweeping or mopping using a microfiber cloth.


Keep in mind that chamois style mops typically work better than fabric or string mops on polished tile and won’t leave behind streaks. Mop using gentle cleaning detergent diluted in warm water. But remember that glossy tiles will need to be dried using a microfiber towel afterward to make the polished surface shine. 


Natural Stone Tile 


Natural stone including granite, marble, or slate are easily damaged with the wrong products or methods, so be careful. Don’t use harsh chemicals, vinegar, lemon, or abrasive cleaners on natural stone tile. Instead, stick with a mild detergent that is PH neutral and non-acidic. 


Steer toward specialty cleaners for your specific tile material and have your tile professionally cleaned on an annual basis. 


Cleaning Grout


Porous grout surfaces tend to absorb dirt, mold, and dust as time goes by. For starters, remember to keep your grout re-sealed by a professional. This will help protect your grout from stains, discoloration, and dangerous contaminants. 


You may also try a simple cleaning solution using one part water and two parts baking soda. Once it forms a paste, rub the solution over your grout, let it sit overnight, then scrub any remnants away using a small brush. 


Tile Cleaning In Waterford, Michigan


While keeping up with routine cleaning on a daily basis is important, remember the importance of professional tile cleaning in Waterford, Michigan. We can help make your tile and grout surfaces shine plus protect your home from allergens and dust in the process. 


Schedule your appointment for tile cleaning in Waterford today!

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