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Clean Your Outdoor Tile in Time for Summer Parties

May 4, 2016 | Green Cleaning

outdoor tile cleaning lake orion

The warm summer months are approaching, and with that comes barbecues and neighborhood gatherings! If you’re the go-to party host, you’ll want your outdoor gathering place to make a good impression on your guests. That’s why we’ve compiled some advice to help you care for and clean your outdoor tile!


Protect Your Outdoor Tile

The good news is, tile is very durable and can endure harsh weather like rain, wind and snow that come during cold winter months. However, as indestructible as tile may seem, it’s still susceptible to mold damage and cracking. 


One of the main causes of cracked tile is actually the outdoor furniture that’s placed on it. Chances are you’ve experienced this hassle of cracked tile. If you place patio furniture on your outdoor tile, we suggest selecting pieces that have rounded bottoms. Sharp edges and abrasive bottoms on furniture can quickly crack and scratch your tile.


We also suggest applying a high-quality sealant to your tile. This helps prevent against cracking and staining. These types of sealants should be available at your local hardware store.


Clean Your Outdoor Tile Regularly


Cleaning your tile daily doesn’t take much time and can make a huge difference. Start by sweeping away dirt and debris, then gently scrub the tile with warm water, soup, and a damp sponge. You can even mop your tile if you prefer. The key is to remove dirt and other particles that can wear away and scratch your tile. 

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