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How Do You Get Blood Stains Out of Carpet?

Sep 23, 2014 | Upholstery Cleaning

How to remove blood from carpets

Everyone knows that there is no stain worse than blood. It is unattractive, easily observable, and hard to remove. While there is no replacement for a professional cleaning service, there are many treatments for blood stains until a permanent solution is available. Cuts and scrapes will happen, but don’t let your carpet become a victim. Here at Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion we have a few tips to help you remedy this situation if you ever get blood on your carpet.

Removing Blood Stains

Blood stains are inevitable in any household. This unattractive stain can be brought into a house by many agents. If you have children, then your run the risk of bloody noses and knee scabs. If you have pets, than you inevitably deal with a cat or dog that brings in traces of blood, dust, and dirt. In a busy home, blood stains are unavoidable. For this reason it is essential to know how to spot treat a blood stain, to minimize its damage until a professional cleaning service can give it the permanent solution it deserves.

Three Step Guideline to Handle Blood Stains:

  1. Liberally apply cold water to the blood stain. Stains, such as vomit or dirt, require the application of luke warm water. Do not use this method with blood. It is extremely important to only to use cold water when cleaning blood stains. First, remove any blood clots that are embedded in your carpet’s fibers. Second, take a cleaning cloth and drench it in cold water. Third, apply the cloth to the stained area. This process requires patience, but is essential to begin in order to loosen up the dried blood.
  2. Create a “bubbling effect” by using hydrogen peroxide. If the blood still won’t budge after the first treatment, apply a minor amount of hydrogen peroxide to your sponge, and dab it on the damaged area of your carpet until it produces a “bubbling effect.” Allow it sit for a few minutes, and then soak up all of the moisture with a dry rag.
  3. Apply laundry detergent if all else fails. There are some stains that may require the use of laundry detergent, depending on the severity of the stain. As a last step, put some liquid laundry detergent to the blood stain. Massage the detergent into the stain with your finger. It is essential not to scrub the stain with another cleaning tool, like a sponge or rag, as it may worsen the stain. Repeat the first step by generously applying cold water to the area, and absorb the moisture with a dry towel.

Blood stains can be extremely difficult to remove. If the stain still won’t budge after these steps or if you are looking for professionals to remove all traces of the stain, be sure to call the professionals at Complete Chem-Dry of Lake Orion. They are highly trained, trustworthy cleaning technicians who will apply a protective solution on your carpets to help prevent further accidents, and make sure your carpet is returned to its full beauty.


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