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Cleaning Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Aug 26, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

cleaning tips to get your home ready for fall

The warm summer air will soon change to a crisp autumn breeze, and now is the time to start thinking about all the things you love about the fall season. 

At Chem-Dry, we consider ourselves your all-season partner for keeping your home or business clean, fresh, and looking its best. Today, we’d like to offer a few professional tips that can be best utilized at this turning of the seasons. 


Fall Tips For Freshening Up Your Home 


  • Remember the impact scents have on the feeling in your home. Invest in a new fall scented candle and don’t be afraid to start burning it now! 


  • Carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan is essential for removing dirt, stains, allergens, dust, and so much more. Dirty carpets can make your home feel stuffy, while having them cleaned when the seasons change can keep it feeling fresh. 


  • Bust out some fall decor! This adds a fun, festive vibe to help you even more fully enjoy the season and the ambiance of your home. 


  • Get your furniture ready for colder months with upholstery cleaning in Troy, Michigan. Now is the ideal time to wash away crumbs, dirt, stains, hair, dander, allergens, and dust that are trapped in the average household’s couch and other furniture. 


  • Scrub down your walls and baseboards. This is a deep cleaning task that often gets pushed to the backburner, but getting rid of all that dust can make a big difference as you approach more months spent inside. 


  • Depending on the storage space available in your home, now could be a good time to stow away summer clothes and place your fall wardrobe in a more accessible location.


  • Place rugs or rubber mats for shoes at entryways if you don’t have them already. This is a great catch-all for muddy, dirty shoes and can help prevent soil from being tracked across your floors. 


Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning In Troy, Michigan 

Get your home in great shape this change of seasons with help from Chem-Dry! We’re here to take care of deep cleaning tasks like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Troy, Michigan with little interruption to your daily schedule. 

At each transition between seasons, remember Chem-Dry as your partner for all of your deep cleaning needs. 


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