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How To Prep For Your Next Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Sep 30, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

how to prep for your next carpet cleaning appointment

Carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan is an essential service to schedule at least on an annual basis, if not more frequently. 

Getting the most out of your next cleaning all starts with the preparation that takes place beforehand. From getting your floors ready to managing pets, we’re here to help give you expert advice to make sure you get the best clean possible for your carpets. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to consider before Chem-Dry’s next visit to your home or business. 

Do This Before Your Next Carpet Cleaning

  • Clear furniture and other items. The more space the better when it comes to cleaning your floors. This also helps ensure that every square inch of your carpet gets the deep cleaning it needs. 
  • If you have drapes or curtains that touch the floor, lift them up so they won’t get wet or in the way.
  • Be mindful of your walls throughout the process—from moving furniture to hauling carpet cleaning equipment in and out. Take every precaution not to ding, dent, or scuff your walls. 
  • It can be helpful to go over your carpets with a vacuum prior to your next carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan. Not all professionals require this, but it can help speed up the process plus make sure your carpets get a deeper clean. 
  • During your appointment and as your carpets are drying afterwards, keep your furry friends in a different area. Pet hair can really stick to damp carpets, so being mindful of this is important to help ensure a long lasting clean. 

Carpet Cleaning in Troy, Michigan

Keep a few things in mind following your appointment for carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan, too. 

Most important is to allow your floors plenty of time to dry—which thankfully won’t take long thanks to Chem-Dry’s unique method. It’s also important to schedule your next professional cleaning to stay in a good routine that can help your space look and smell its best. 

Schedule your appointment for carpet cleaning in Troy, Michigan today!

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