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Protect Your Carpet

Jan 2, 2016 | Carpet Cleaning

carpet protectant

The appearance of your home can say a lot about you. Take pride in how your home looks and make sure your carpet is adding to the overall beauty of your indoor space. The color, style, condition, and cleanliness of your carpet can reflect on you as an individual. Take the proper measures to ensure your carpet looks like new by using a carpet protectant. It can make all the difference for your carpet!


The Value of Protectant

One of the reasons your new carpet looks so good for the first couple of months is because it goes through a factory-applied stain resistant treatment. However, over time and with regular wear, this protective treatment begins to wear off and become less effective. Carpets that are left unprotected tend to absorb spills quicker.

Chem-Dry’s unique and effective carpet protectant provides a “window of opportunity” for you to remove common household stains that may occur. Our protectant creates an invisible barrier that assists you in making sure stains do not become a permanent part of the carpet fiber. We know that no carpet will be free from all stains, but our protectant gives your carpet a fighting chance.


Chem-Dry’s Unique Co-Application Process

Past testing has shown that Chem-Dry Protectant provides high levels of soil protection for your carpet. Only Chem-Dry uses an innovative co-application process that separates us from the rest of the competition. Typical carpet cleaning companies use a less effective post-application process for their protectant.

Choosing to get our protectant means we actually add the protectant directly to our cleaning solution and it is applied as your carpet is being cleaned. This co-application process means the entire carpet fiber is being coated with the protectant – from the tip to the base. Other carpet cleaning companies tend to only coat the tips of the fibers.

Another advantage of our co-application process is that since the protectant is added at the same time of the cleaning, no additional moisture is required. This means no additional dry time for you! With Chem-Dry, carpets that are cleaned and protected still are dry within a few short hours. When the protectant is added after the cleaning to the wet carpet, the added moisture can extend the overall dry time.

Here at Van’s Chem-Dry, we recognize the large investment you made when you purchased your carpet. We want to protect that investment and extend the life of your carpet. With our top quality protectant and regularly scheduled cleanings, stains and spots are not a problem and your home is left clean and healthy for your family and loved ones. Contact Van’s Chem-Dry for more details on our protectant or other services!

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