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The Solution For Reappearing Carpet Stains And Odors

Jun 23, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

the solution for reappearing carpet stains and odors

Have you either cleaned your carpets yourself or had a professional do it for you, only to discover that unsightly stains and smells just keep coming back? 

There’s a reason for this, and also a permanent solution—Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Brandon Township, Michigan! We can help eliminate the frustration of recurring carpet stains with our revolutionary method. 

To start, it matters to know why carpet stains and odors keep coming back over time. Let’s take a deeper look. 

Three Sources Of Recurring Carpet Stains

Here are some of the most common causes of persistent carpet stains and odors that we see on a regular basis. 

#1 – Resoiling 

What you’re seeing may not actually be an old stain coming back, but a new one deposited in the same area. This happens when too much soapy detergent is used in the carpet cleaning process, leaving sticky, dirt-attracting residue on your carpets. Thankfully, Chem-Dry can help by not only removing residue but never leaving more behind in the carpet cleaning process. 

#2 – Wicking 

Often stains seep deep into carpet, backing, and padding. Traditional steam cleaners use excessive moisture to remove them, then don’t extract all of the moisture away at the end of the process—leaving remnants of soap and stain trapped below. As the carpet dries, the stain may appear to travel or “wick” up the carpet fibers. Chem-Dry prevents wicking by using 80% less moisture in the carpet cleaning process compared to steam cleaners. 

#3 – Pet Urine

Most recurring stains and odors in carpet come from pets. When they relieve themselves on carpet and the moisture dries, potent odor crystals remain trapped deep beneath in the carpet, backing, padding, and sometimes even hard flooring. Chem-Dry can blast away and extract these pungent odors crystals—getting rid of pesky odors for good! 

Carpet Cleaning In Brandon Township, Michigan 

Chem-Dry can help eliminate odors and stains from your carpets, and ensure they’re better able to repel liquid, dirt, and other stains in the future. The right method matters when it comes to carpet cleaning in Brandon Township, Michigan—and your best choice is Chem-Dry! 

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