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Chem-Dry’s Revolutionary Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

Jan 30, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry's revolutionary carbonated carpet cleaning

Technology is always evolving and improving, so why should carpet cleaning be an exception? 


At Chem-Dry, we’re always innovating to deliver the industry’s leading methods for carpet cleaning in Lake Orion, Michigan. Our approach is significantly better than steam cleaners, plus better for the environment and our local community. 


How Does Chem-Dry Carbonated Carpet Cleaning Work? 


This revolutionary technology works similar to how club soda lifts and removes stains from clothing. Millions of tiny carbonated bubbles actively lift dirt, liquid, and other stains from the fibers. 


We’ve harnessed this same power into technology for hot carbonating extraction carpet cleaning in Lake Orion, Michigan


Our signature green-certified cleaning solution contains millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles that penetrate deep into carpet fibers. Then we use hot water extraction to remove the particles, dirt, and stains for good. 


Chem-Dry Versus Steam Cleaners


Unlike traditional steam cleaners, our process doesn’t use soapy solutions filled with harsh chemicals and residue. Instead, we use the power of carbonation to gently yet powerful lift stains—all while using 80% less moisture compared to steam cleaning.  


Steam cleaners rely on an excess amount of soapy water that can leave behind sticky residue, plus leaves carpets wet for days. With Chem-Dry, your floors will dry in just 1-2 hours! 


Carpet Cleaning In Lake Orion, Michigan 


When you compare Chem-Dry carpet cleaning to professional steam cleaners, there’s really no competition. 


We’re proud to offer a method that delivers a deeper, greener, longer lasting clean without the harsh chemicals or negative impact to the environment. 


Schedule your appointment for Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Lake Orion, Michigan today!

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